Neoglyphic fuses art and tech together in Campbell, CA

About Neoglyphic

Neoglyphic Entertainment marries art and science to help creators find, develop and scale hit entertainment franchises.

Neoglyphic Entertainment believes story is the heart of the human experience. Story inspires creativity, shapes minds, and catalyzes social change. Story connects us to one another, celebrating our greatest triumphs and exposing our deepest fears, establishing a common ground to learn, to understand, to be.

Stories are shared through written word, visual art, film, music, video games and more. Neoglyphic develops technology to cultivate story across all these art forms, and reduces the traditional risk and cost associated with entertainment production. We offer a storytelling platform to connect with fans, derive meaningful insights, and deliver immersive experiences.

Whether you’re an author writing your first novel, or a studio creating a feature film, Neoglyphic will be your trusted partner to untether your imagination.

Open Positions

Technical Artist


Neoglyphic is looking for an outstanding Technical Artist who will work within a team setting in defining the vision for an exciting new intellectual property across a multitude of media platforms.

We are working with Unreal 4 and Unity with exciting new directions and tools!

We are a small team looking for people who enjoy diverse roles. On a day-to-day, you might be helping prototype shaders, solve graphics challenges, developing pipelines and tools, or even helping create tech demos and example content.


  • A minimum of 3 years experience as a technical artist in the games industry.
  • Blueprint/Scripting experience in Unity or Unreal
  • Experience with tool creation
  • Self driven and motivated


  • 3DS Max or Maya knowledge
  • Strong foundation in modeling or animation
  • Can tell funny jokes


To apply, please send your demo reel and/or portfolio, and resume to

3D Graphics Engineer


We're looking for talented engineers who love to work deep inside the core of a graphics engine. Whether it's building shaders, optimizing performance on mobile devices, or creating new tools to enrich the look of the latest triple-A games, you'll get to work with a team of engineers and artists who are delivering some truly next generation systems.


  • 3D graphics programming (C/C++) experience in the industry
  • Shader programming experience in Unreal or Unity
  • Strong Math fundamentals


  • Shipped games or other projects in Unreal or Unity
  • Built a game/graphics engine
  • Experience with large art asset pipeline
  • AI / Machine learning / Deep Learning experience
  • Understands the binary language of moisture vaporators


To apply, please send your resume to