NeoFur Plugin For Unity Accepting Beta Applications

We are bringing our real-time fur technology to Unity.

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Hi everyone! At Neoglyphic we have been working on our real-time fur technology for a while now, and we are excited to announce we are bringing it to Unity! We’ve been steadily progressing on our Unity solution, to the point now where we feel ready enough to announce the product and start taking applications for beta testers.

Beta Signup

Signup for the NeoFur Beta here.

We are looking for people who will be excited about helping us find the usability and functionality issues with NeoFur while we are developing it. Please only apply if you have a strong interest in giving feedback and helping improve the product. Beta testers will be asked to provide on-going bug and usability feedback throughout the testing period. Currently we plan to support Unity 5.3 and up.


NeoFur generates shell geometry with advanced physics, utilizing the latest technology in compute shaders and pixel shaders to bring high fidelity visuals to real-time. We combine unique, easy authoring methods with advanced, high performance features to make real-time fur viable for use in games and experiences on multiple platforms.

NeoFur has been used on a wide variety of projects including furry animals, short-hairstyles and stubble, woven materials such as carpets, blankets and towels, mossy organics and ground cover, or even more experimental grasses and volumetrics.

Fast & Easy

  • Drag and drop setup with components on any mesh!

Cross Platform Geometry Shells

  • Shells and their simulation are supported on PC, Mobile & even VR

Dynamic Simulation

  • Advanced physics support Wind, forces and more.

We look forward to showing you guys more of our progress in the near future, and continuing to develop this into a robust and high quality plugin for Unity! Cheers!

Signup for the NeoFur Beta here. Visit the Unity forum thread here.

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